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Posting, traveling, photos, and conundrums

Leaves, persimmons, and traveling

Lots of rain

A hard frost

Maybe a first freeze

A mama squirrel relocating her family?

Winter gardens and gardening

Clear winter air

Eastern Gray Squirrels and a winter drey

An evening view

A fussy Carolina Wren


A rainy fall day

Getting ready for winter break

Salvia coccinea

Fallen leaves

Looking ahead

A final bit of fall color

Yellow-bellied sapsuckers

A luminous ginkgo

An abundance of leaves

A yellow-bellied sapsucker

Late fall color

Lots of rain

A long fall season

Gardening inspiration

Planting garlic

A new flagstone pathway

Japanese Raisin Tree

A nice path planting

Gardening ideas

Front door views

Native grasses: Little Bluestem

An almost full moon

Witch hazel and fall color

Poison ivy

A waste-free conference

Out in the woods

Magnolia grandiflora

Blogging and copyright issues

Fall color walk

Mockingbird song

Creative gardening and gardens

Garden magic

Radicchio and squirrels

Mexican hyssop

A fall view