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Greens and clear mountains

Back to normal?

A lovely hike

Another pileated woodpecker

Fall sunsets

A pileated woodpecker

A remarkable window box

You can never have too many leaves!

Bee habitats

Biltmore walled garden (2)

A sedum wall planting

Biltmore walled garden

Vase with dried flowers

View towards the forest (ravine)

Still hummingbird visits!

Final hummingbird visits

Salvia x 'Anthony Parker' and other Salvias

Amaranth, celosia, and musings about greens

Garden views


Morning light

A late-flowering native azalea

Cleaning up for fall

Ruby-throated hummingbirds


Evening light

Fall is coming

A gardening reflection

Morning glories and Liatris

Garden clogs