Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another pileated woodpecker

The red oak tree directly seen from our deck has (a relatively recent) old dead branch poking out to the right of the main trunk.

It's a magnet for woodpeckers, not surprisingly,

-- we've seen downies and red-bellied woodpeckers visiting our feeder frequently,

Since the dead branch has occurred, we've been delighted to see pileated woodpeckers foraging, too.

The tree is relatively close, but not so close that good photographic shots are easy (at least with my long "normal" lens - 18-200 and older digital camera, a venerable Nikon D100)!


  1. Great shots. I've been watching Downy & Red Bellied at my feeder. This one is beautiful. Haven't seen one in my area. Just purchased a new Canon to capture these moments.

  2. I loved the pic of the woodpecker, I would die it I could catch a picture of one around here...I know they are around, they are so beautiful and always seem to be on such a mission....

  3. We've so enjoyed seeing more pileated woodpeckers, too. A couple of them were visible on our hike today, and called and tapped on the upright snags. Fabulous.


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