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Snow melt

Ordering seeds and seed catalogs

Winter in the mountains

Snow at sunset

A Christmas snow

Winter leeks

A suet thief

An old stone retaining wall

Leaves and an exposed wall

A morning sunrise

Brrr... more seeds, please


Japanese persimmons

Winter spinach and a cold greenhouse

Great blue heron and mosquito fern

Gardening in winter

Leaf mulch

Sustainable Gardening

Removing invasive species

More winter greens

Miscanthus sinensis

Labels and categories

Full moon in November

Ginkgo in fall

Preparing vegetable beds for spring

Seasonal changes and musings

Vegetable gardening seasons

Creative hanging baskets

Hardiness of greens

A long fall season

A gray tree frog

Winter greens and other winter vegetables

Black walnuts

The first frost

A (college) student vegetable garden

Using leaf mulch

Winter vegetables

Pumpkins and gourds

Children's gardens

Mexican oregano

Garlic planting time

Fall color

Saffron crocus

Blue Ridge Parkway views

Natural gardening and garden visits

Question Mark butterflies visiting sap

Sap-visiting butterflies

Last signs of summer

A luminous meadow

Butterflies and more butterflies

Gulf fritillary butterflies

Squirrel herbivory

Swiss chard and green tomatoes

Cloudless sulphur caterpillars

Woo, hoo! More rain!

Finally some rain

Droughty conditions and watering again

Full moons

Fall equinox

Restoring the ecology of your yard and garden