Black walnuts

My gardening companion collected LOTS of green-husked black walnuts a couple of weeks ago. He said that he'd crack them on our driveway (hmm, ancient black asphalt?)

They sat in a ceramic dish on the dining table for some time, until some were showing sign of mold, when I banished them to outside the kitchen door.

black walnuts ready to be predated
After quite a bit of rain, the dish filled up with water, and the husks darkened and started decomposing.

And the squirrels discovered the dish and started recovering the nuts.  Way cool!

We're down to maybe one or two black walnut 'nuts' to be recovered today.


  1. The squirrels eat their fill of our neighbor's black walnuts, and then they bury them all over my yard! I'll be pulling the seedlings next year.
    They are tasty but so messy--running them over seems to be an effective method. As is a hammer. Woe to the unsuspecting forager who handles them without strong gloves! Even the roots will turn your skin black.

  2. I have black walnuts in my back yard. I actually gathered quite few last fall, but never got around to cracking them after waiting forever for the husk to turn black. Black walnuts are wonderful in brownies. Memories from childhood. Wanted to try them in my own kitchen. May give it a whirl again this fall.

    A Diva's Garden


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