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More rhododendrons

Rhododendrons are starting to flower

Brown thrashers, robins, and evening

A good day for planting

More plants to plant

A perfect spring morning

A warm spring day

Cedar waxwings and bluebird

Walking iris

Bee flies and syrphid flies

Weeds are DEFINITELY adaptable

A drumming red-bellied woodpecker

Visiting natural gardens

Just about time to start planting warm season veggies

A gray fox in the morning

Tomatoes and frost

Basking turtles

Onions and garlic

Cool pond inhabitants

A barred owl

Finally a first hummingbird!

Foraging squirrels

Eastern cottontails

Plants with meaning

An unusual visitor

A spring afternoon

Even more rain

More rain

A woodchuck relocated

Downy woodpeckers