Thursday, April 24, 2008

A warm spring day

It was close to 80°F (~27° C), pretty warm for late April. We've had, what seems to me, more windy days than usual for spring, but maybe I'm mis-remembering. What it does mean, with low humidity, warmth, and windy conditions, is that it's seeming pretty dry again. The first graders in our garden program rotations this morning were wilting by the second program; they were hot, thirsty, hungry, and tired. We're not used to warmth quite this early, even in the Southeastern US.

I was hopeful in February and March (and the official drought projections had improved), that maybe we'd spring back into something more like "normal" rainfall, and maybe we still will.

But I needed to water the vegetable garden this evening, even the sturdy garlic, shallot, onion, and potato beds, since it hasn't rained much for a couple of weeks (but for about a 1/4 inch last weekend).

My deep-rooted 'Italian dandelion' is perfectly happy, however, as is the equally deep-rooted butterfly weed that I heeled in (not very smartly) in the vegetable garden a few years back. I've tried to dig it up (and have successfully transplanted root cuttings), but the original plant keeps re-emerging.

My gardening companion took some lovely photos of the dandelion being visited by bees, and a striking photo of the fruits ready to be dispersed.


  1. Such great photos! I can't believe how hot your weather is - it was snowing here yesterday :) Our average summer temperature is about 20C.

  2. Thanks for the comment about the photos! My gardening companion (aka as my husband) is getting quite good in his photo-taking.

    It was hot again, today, relatively speaking. And I guess our trade-off for mild winters is hot summers and spells of heat in spring and fall. It's hard to imagine snow today!

  3. I opened your garden gate today. A gentle looking dog made me welcome. The garden is lovely too. I had a good look around, wildlife I do not see in my garden, the vegetables are familiar. I will be back to see more.


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