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Visiting 'natural' gardens

Sunrise and crescent moon

Rooted cuttings and winter flowers

Drought, woodpeckers, bats, and rocks

White-crowned sparrows?

A warm fall day

Red-bellied woodpeckers

First hard freeze

Fall color is at its peak

Let's get planting...

First freeze of the season

Laying a flagstone path (2)

Bumblebee sleeping

Robin flocks are enjoying the dogwood berries

Why we garden

Gardening is good for you

Laying a flagstone path (1)

Drought and Waterwise Gardening

Rain and No Child Left Inside

Blue mistflower

Blog Action Day

Fall color is coming

Garlic, woodchucks, and fall flowers

Brown thrashers and garden toads

Wait until the moon is full

A new focal point with Lobelia x speciosa

Perennials to add

Composting is fun

A new visitor munching sunflower seeds

Spiders in the mist

Sowing more seeds

Waterwise gardening

Changing out vegetable beds for fall

Hoping for rain again