Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spiders in the mist

Amazingly the rain last night was over three inches, and it wasn't hard to imagine the garden giving a sigh of relief.

But more remarkable was the early morning mist, and as I went out the front door to walk, a huge web was sparkling with dew.

The walk around the botanical garden was amazing. There were spider webs everywhere -- on the grass, in the trees, in shrubs.... I don't think I've ever seen so many.

Coming back home, I was able to get a couple of good shots of the porch web, and then discovered the two above the vegetable garden.

Another remarkable thing is when I went out later, all of the webs were gone. I had never really given any thought to spider webs as being temporary, but many garden orb-weavers build webs in the evening and take them down in the morning (I found out after a bit of web research).


  1. That is one huge spider web!
    I have some orb weavers in my
    garden who always are in their
    webs, night & day.

    Other orb weavers tear down their
    webs as the sun comes up.

    z 5b KS

  2. This was truly an amazing morning. I've never seen anything like it before (or since, for that matter).

    I wish I knew more about different sorts of spiders and their behavior!

  3. Hello Again,
    For the first time last summer I
    had a spider almost like yours in
    the garden. She is from the same
    spider group as your picture.

    The one in my garden

    Is yello & Green. They are female
    spiders with the smaller male lurking
    in webs nearby.

    Last year I watched her all summer
    long and enjoyed her living in
    my Roma Tomato plants. I would
    carefully move foliage and pick
    my tomatoes trying not to disturb

    By fall one day she had dissapeared,
    but luckily I had read that they
    leave an egg sack and what they look
    like. Sure enough I found the egg
    sack and put it in a sheltered
    location for the winter.

    This year I have an abundance of
    these spiders [about 8 so far]
    The one, I call her My Princess,
    because I dubbed her mom My Queen
    of the Garden last year.

    No more saving egg sacks for me.
    I don't really need to see that
    many large spiders in my garden!

    Thanks for letting me ramble!
    Enjoy your Queen, her throne time
    is slowly dwindling down.

    z 5b KS


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