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A lovely spring day

Night hikes and a luminous moon

Growing vegetables in containers

First hummingbird of the season

Plant combinations

A bluebird family

Phlox, Penstemon, and shared plants

Creating a natural garden

Gardening, stewardship, and sustainability

Vegetables and nutrients

Herbs in containers

Growing food, building community

More organic veggie stuff

Organic red peppers, local food, and other conundrums

Wind-pollinated trees

Hawks and Chrysogonum virginianum

A morning view through the gate

More raised beds, lettuce, mesclun, and radishes

Leeks, beets, chard, lettuce, and herbs

Isn't it (almost) time to plant warm-season vegetables?

Spring green

Growing garlic

Oconee Bells

Iris cristata

Easter and spring

Stone raised beds

Clematis armandii

A pair of squirrels