Leeks, beets, chard, lettuce, and herbs

After I finished two more stone beds this morning (below our small mountain house), my gardening companion filled them with soil.

They're yet to be planted, but I worked on the previous four beds this afternoon.

Planting new beds is fun.

An afternoon trip to a local nursery snagged herbs, a couple of Cherokee Purple tomato plants, a Sweet Million cherry tomato, and seedling leeks.

Added to the flat of lettuces that I'd brought up from Clemson, and along with radish, beet, and chard seeds, among others, I'm set for now.

And waiting for the weather to warm up!


  1. those raised beds look really nice. I bet they will look twice as nice when everything is growing.

  2. Lisa, again, the beds are beautiful. I can't wait to see photos of them full of lovely veggies, herbs and flowers.

  3. You did great work! THey look awesome! Such a sense of anticipation and hope, planting new beds and waiting for the sun and warm and rain to do its stuff!

  4. Lisa- what wonderful beds you put in!!!! wow.
    I think I could eat beets every day! I love them roasted.
    You mentioned tomatoes-- isn't it early for them? I guess you all are a head a bit.
    Having new beds is really nice, I do like the height, will make harvesting a delight.

  5. Lisa, those beds look so sturdy and beautiful! I just planted some peppers and tomatoes. This the first time I've had success with growing spinach - I got the seeds from Griff- I wonder if that's why?

  6. We're SO pleased with how they turned out; it's hard to believe we did them ourselves over two weekends. Suddenly our yard is seeming more like a garden!

    And Janet, it IS early for tomatoes in the mountains. But it looks like the 10-day weather forecast is quite mild, the soil is dark, etc., etc. and Asheville is more moderate than the surrounding mountains. (I hope we'll get some beets out of those beds, too...I haven't had much success in the Piedmont with them).

  7. And, Sue, I never was able to grow spinach until I realized that really fresh, high-quality seed is necessary (the seeds are really short-lived). So Griffs must have had a good batch!

  8. The stone raised beds are so much nicer looking than our recycled boarded beds. I am assuming that you , ahem, "purchased" those rectangular stones to complete the project! We always try to recycle our rocks ( given the large bounty here in Austin) but when we can't do that, Craigslist is fantastic for leftover stone from backyard projects or deconstruction .


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