Wind-pollinated trees


In spite of glorious spring weather in late March and April in the Southern U.S., the combination of a long, cold winter (extended into February) followed by a series of suddenly warmer days has meant that pollen from our native oaks and hickories has been released all at once, showering EVERYTHING in a golden dust.

Rain last Thursday settled things down for awhile, but this week, more sunny days mean more pollen.

The counts are remarkable and setting records.



  1. Last year, it rained so much in spring that the oaks here didn't produce any acorns. This year, I have a feeling we're going to see the squirrels reproducing in record numbers with the abundance of food. I'll be sweeping them from the driveway in 55 gallon containers again.

  2. Oak pollen is brutal in Northern California, this year as well.

    My eyes itch.

  3. Between the extra moisture this winter/spring and then the warm temps --all the plants were in full swing for reproduction. achoooooooo indeed.


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