More organic veggie stuff

I do wish I could buy colorful peppers (fresh or frozen) grown nearby. My post yesterday presented the conundrum. Hopefully, we'll be able to crank up the cooperative systems that will allow local growers to preserve (freeze) their peppers at competitive prices, so we'll be able to buy them in the off-season, as well as enjoying them in our growing period.

It's a complicated system. Obviously, it's still cheaper for a small Pennsylvania-based company Village Grown Organics to contract-grow organic peppers in China. Oil is still cheap enough and container ship and truck transport is efficient, so a small company's product can appear in a local Southeastern U.S. grocery store.

That's essentially nuts as far as a real ecological footprint is concerned.

Village Grown Organics launched their product line within the last year. Here's a trade show video that popped up in a Google search.

I have zero connection with this company. I was impressed with the quality of their frozen peppers, and I think about the Chinese small (organic vegetable) farmers that produced them, too.