Growing garlic

I plant cloves in the fall, usually in October since I'm in (US) Zone 7.  They usually sprout and grow a bit, overwinter, and then continue with strong spring growth, producing new cloves in late spring and early summer. These plants show robust new growth following warm weather.

I've had a lot of fun growing garlic.  It's remarkably easy and garlic seems to be pretty trouble-free.

I'm trying to resist harvesting too much 'green' garlic this spring.  It's totally delicious -- fresh young shoots are excellent in stir-fries and other dishes.


  1. Hi Lisa, your garlic looks positively yummy!

  2. Lisa,

    We have a good crop of garlic too. Not enough to use as green onions. Yours looks as good as ours does!

  3. I didn't know that about garlic! There is so much for me to learn about growing veggies! gail


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