Gardening, stewardship, and sustainability

Transforming lawns to a vibrant wildlife habitats, growing vegetables, and carefully tending 'our' patches of land are sustaining activities, ones that ground me in what I can do, and away from worrying about the difficult environmental times that face us.

My work (as a garden educator) is also encouraging: I help folks learn how to be better stewards by being better gardeners, promoting native plants and restoring wildlife habitats, and am definitely an encouraging voice about growing more vegetables and fruits in the open spaces (lawn or not) that many Americans have access to, whether on their own 'property' or not.

I love the idea of guerrilla gardening - planting plants where they should be, but aren't! These are the curbside planting areas, empty 'hell strips' between sidewalks and roads, and barren parking lot edges.

Gardening and stewardship provides hope, for restoration of both native and created garden space. At least that's what true for me.


  1. Gorilla gardening: my brother in low -used to seed oak trees in nature- open lands where it used be the main tree 120 years ago and today - hard to find. ( in Israel)

    but also know someone that used to grow grass (for smoking ) in a fairly trade way in some hills in California: He used to feed it and ater it in the middle of the night!
    strange but he learned lots about gardening and today is a head gardener in a wonderful garden.


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