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I’m now wishing the beans were finished

My fall plantings aren’t doing so well — seeded spinach, beets, and arugula are absent.  Who knows what happened there?  Here’s a photo from earlier in the summer in more robust times, with beans, squash, and tomatoes doing well.

Some of the spinach and lettuce transplants are doing OK, but the so-called Swiss chard is being defoliated and developing a very beet-like looking root.  Curious.But my pole beans and yard-long beans keep persisting.  They look thread-bare, but we had another harvesting of them for dinner tonight, thankfully thinned by peppers and onions.  They’re quite tasty with garlic added, but really, more beans, I’m thinking.In these strange times, I can’t believe that I’m hoping for the end of vegetables from my garden.  Perhaps I’ll resow beets and arugula down below and cilantro and lettuce in my upper beds.  I have no idea why the spinach didn’t germinate.  Perhaps I’ll seed more, now that temperatures have cooled?

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