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Happy New Year!

A dandelion flower


Winter Solstice

Moon rising

Growing food

Broomsedge field

A lovely afternoon

Last leaves

Biltmore hay field

Southside Community Garden

A winter squash

Fall ginkgo

Whole grain digestive "biscuits"

A full moon

Growing vegetables, cooking vegetables, and supporting local farms

A beautiful fall

A luminous hickory

Remembering an early snow (and fall greens)

A curious mushroom

Fall color

A luminous Japanese maple

An amazing harvest, so for!

Aromatic aster

Southside Community Garden workday

A lovely work day at a local community garden

Growing your own vegetables and abundant food

Eggplants in containers

Montford Bridge sunset

Fall color to come

Year-round vegetable gardening

A lovely conifer assortment

A pollen-collecting bee

More gardening inspiration at Monticello

Inspiration at Monticello

At Monticello

Another sunset at the Grove Park Inn

September sunset at Beaver Lake

Blogging and posting (and the Garden Bloggers Fling)

Sunflowers at Biltmore

Another front meadow view

Pocket meadow view

More clean-up and planting

Gettting ready for fall

Thank you, gardening friends!