Thursday, November 17, 2016

A winter squash

A winter squash from Southside Garden
I'm heartsick about the election, but I've realized that I can't turn my blog into a political rant, nor make my FB posts about that either.  That's crazy-making for me.

It's enough to comment, contribute, and join organizations that I haven't been a part of before. And step up and be present where I can, and continue to do good work.

Teaching a class yesterday about "creative use of color and texture in the garden" seemed frivolous, as I was preparing for it, but turned out to be a lovely class, and encouraging to prepare.

This winter squash, a "leftover" from our final harvesting of warm season crops, seems to me to symbolize where I am. It was an OK squash, quite stringy, and not particularly flavorful.  It was probably a result of the mixed squash plantings (lots of variation there!)

But I'm hopeful for more squash in the future, preparing for the first freeze (I pulled up the final bean vines and eggplants today in my own small garden), and we'll see how the greens fare, with a drop into the mid-20°F.

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