Sunday, November 27, 2016

Last leaves

The cold temperatures (down into the mid-20° F range) have triggered, finally, abscission layers in the last leaves. 

The sugar maple leaves were finally falling in the ravine behind our house.

Coming home after Thanksgiving away, a walk around the neighborhood found the venerable ginkgo on Cumberland shedding leaves as we walked by -- not in the all-at-once mode that's normal, but falling in a way that would have made a perfect video, if I'd had my phone in my pocket.

There was a golden carpet, mixed with green, below this huge old tree.  Beautiful.

Some of the red Japanese maples seem to be the last hold-out.  They're beautifully crimson, but haven't yet dropped their leaves, perhaps being from a colder climate in Asia, genetically-speaking.

Of course, all of the frost-intolerant plants have been zapped, but the greens in my vegetable beds are looking good.  And I'm hoping that the predicted soaking rains will come!

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  1. Japanese maples tend to hold their leaves longer, too. We still have a few leaves on the trees, but mostly they're on the ground waiting for me to shred them. Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa.


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