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An improbable couple of months in Quebec

Heading home for a couple of weeks

Sunset views

Beautiful fields in Parc National du Bic

More gardening for wildlife

A single-flowered shrub rose and bumblebees

Abundant sour cherries

Red deer munching on fireweed

Echoes of past gardeners

Fireweed (Chamerion latifolium)

Places of the spirit

Gardening as restoration

Clematis tangutica (Golden Clematis)

Another Saint-Fabien sur Mer walk

A beautiful Campanula

Kayaking on the St. Lawrence River

A morning walk in Parc National du Bic

Traveling and "living abroad"

Lonicera x 'Mandarin'

Another mystery plant: Galium mollugo (False Baby's Breath)

Changeable weather and record heat

An apricot rose

A mystery plant identified: Allium schoenoprasum (in the wild)

Traveling and coming home

Farm views

Morning walks, peonies, and rugosa roses