Tuesday, July 31, 2018

An improbable couple of months in Quebec

I certainly never imagined having a second house in Quebec.

Nor did I imagine that my gardening companion would find a magical house and landscape on the web, next to a national park that we've loved visiting in the past, just before we were leaving for a month away in late January with other trips abroad planned in spring and late summer/fall.

But, I fell in love with the house, too.  And we had a purchase agreement based on our late May site visit within a week.  We rather quickly decided (since we couldn't see the house much earlier because of our traveling schedule and the snow), that we'd just drive up with Woody thinking that we probably would buy it, but we thought and pondered about the place then for months, not even really knowing what we'd bought in terms of the French-Canadian pine furniture, and whatever else might be included.  This was a for-sale, by-owner purchase, almost all conducted via Google Translate, with the former owner an antique dealer.  Hmm. 

Improbable.  And we're not truly spontaneous people.   But we knew the national park across the street was delightful; we love historic houses and old pine furniture, and we know how to garden with a sense of place.  And what could be more special than being in the farthest northern tip of the Appalachians during the summer, as well as living in the Southern Appalachians.

We're leaving the garden looking much more cared for, while already moving it more towards a naturalistic landscape, adding more native plants and eliminating the less desirable "ornamentals."  Bishop's weed is out, fireweed is in, etc.

Today's views in the national park tell part of the story.  It's been just as wonderful as we could have imagined.  I've loved walking, biking, and kayaking in the park, even though biking and kayaking were not in my imagination, either, back in January. 

This morning's walk at Cap Caribou to Anse aux Bouleux-Est
Havre du Bic late this afternoon
Havre du Bic

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