Saturday, July 14, 2018

Another Saint-Fabien sur Mer walk

We're so fortunate to be less than 10 minutes away from the lovely seaside community of Saint-Fabien sur Mer.

Walking along the road, we enjoy looking at the cottages and summer residences, as well as the houses that harbor year-round residents -- they're hardy folks as the winds have been brisk at times and we can tell from hedge plantings of Thuja that it's been a consideration.

And it's been fun to see over the course of the time we've been here, the houses being repopulated with their summer and weekend people.

Towards Parc National du Bic
But, what's the constant is the extraordinary views of the St. Lawrence coast --it's a seascape, in reality, because the water is quite salty here, and that's how the locals describe it.

Developing mist over the St. Laurence
The view looking towards the park

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