Sunday, July 15, 2018

Clematis tangutica (Golden Clematis)

Golden Clematis,

The yellow clematis now flowering on the arbor outside the solarium in our house in Le Bic, Quebec was unfamiliar to me;  many ornamental clematis cultivars are grown in the Southeastern U.S., but I'd not seen this one before.

So, I wanted to figure out what species it was. 

Golden Clematis
It appears to be Clematis tangutica, a perennial vine native to the high mountains of northwestern India and western China.  It's really quite lovely and looks delicate.  It's certainly not popping up in our landscape here.

So I was surprised as I poked around the web that this species escapes cultivation in Alberta and is considered invasive.  There wasn't any mention of invasiveness on the Missouri Botanical Garden's website and it's a RHS plant of merit in the UK.  Sarah Raven recommended it.

But it's described as a "very vigorous deciduous climber."  I'll be keeping an eye on it, I guess!

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