Heading home for a couple of weeks

As we get ready to head back to Asheville for a couple of weeks (before a month in Freiburg, Germany on HomeExchange), it's hard not to feel wistful.

We wish we could stay in Quebec through September, or even October, but with tickets purchased back in January, prior to seeing this place on the web, with a wonderful opportunity to be in Freiburg again (I was in language school there for 2 months back decades ago), and with a great place to go to -- well, we're not going to pass that up.  And visiting with our German HomeExchange partner here reminded me of all of the great places to visit around Freiburg.

We'll be back here in Le Bic, we think, in winter for a month.  Hmm.  But people seem to love it (at least the ones who love snowshoeing, skiing, and winter sports.

Looking through the French doors out the back of the house brings a view of a historic old farmhouse and barn, recently inherited by a neighbor down the road.

View out the "back" door


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