Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A morning walk in Parc National du Bic

The walk from Ferme Rioux to the start of the loop around the Cap-à-l'Orignal is popular for a reason; it's spectacular.

The barn on the former farm site (now transformed into the park's discovery/visitor center) faces a  lovely bay, with the old farm house now an administrative center; it's the starting point for a 3 mile round trip walk along the edge of the bay at the heart of the park; the general trail is called Le Chemin de Nord.

With rocky outcrops, small bays, and a wonderful array of forests and meadows to walk through, not to mention the beautiful historic buildings from its time as a family retreat, this path is probably a key reason that we bought this house here. Our house's historic construction and Atlantic white cedar shakes, painted a deep yellow, echo the beautiful historic buildings in the park. And we're less than 5 minutes to either entrance to the park.  Amazing.

At Lyman/La Rose des thés

Pollen-collecting insects on Rosa sp., possibly R. palustris

Start of the Cap-à-L'Orignal


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