Wednesday, July 25, 2018

More gardening for wildlife

I'm glad to be bookmarking my time this summer in Quebec with talks about pocket meadows and wildlife gardening.  We head back to North Carolina in a week.

We literally left North Carolina the afternoon after I did a class for the NC Arboretum in late May (I didn't want to cancel it, having already wriggled out of a more general "summer plants of interest" class in June, after our summer plans changed).

I just did a small program (adapted to Quebec) about Gardening for Nature for the local English-language center.  What fun to update my presentation around which plants are suitable here and what birds, bees, and insects are available to attract (not to mention toads and chipmunks)!  Even in a short season, there are plenty of plants that can be added -- even though the garden centers are skewed more towards color and ornamentals.

My experiences poking around gardens here over the last two months, as well as observing what's been happening in our own garden here (and numerous Google searches, too) has helped inform my perspective, too, as we transform a lovely overgrown horticultural-oriented garden into a more wildlife-friendly one.  It's also interesting to see what's in the national park across the road, as well as in local natural areas, too.

In English and in French!

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