Friday, July 6, 2018

Changeable weather and record heat

There's been a remarkably warm spell over the past week for this part of the world at the base of the GaspĂ© Peninsula in Bas St. Laurent.  A few highs were in the mid-80°'s F.  

Not that hot for us, as those are fairly pleasant summer temperatures for many of us in the Southern US, even in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where we'd think it was warm but not hot. 

In Southern Quebec, it was much worse, with highs above 90° F -- record-breaking heat.  The   Washington Post had a piece about all-time heat records being broken across the planet.  Depressing.

I don't honestly know what more that I can do than to try to continue to live lightly on the earth, minimizing our carbon footprint, and doing what we can to restore our small patches of the world.

Yes, we have been members of a LOT of environmental groups (national and international) for decades; yes, I try to promote sustainable living and gardening in all of my outreach work; and, yes, we offset our carbon footprint from all the traveling that we've done over the years; I don't know what else to do.

We get some some of carbon credit for not having children or grandchildren, so don't have an imprint there, but then again, we don't have children or grandchildren to enjoy; we've just had big furry dogs!

So on a more upbeat note -- here's Woody, enjoying the sunset a week ago.

Woody in Le Bic at a small overlook park
The heat has broken today and it's quite cool again.  I won't mention the winter temperatures that are normal here.

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