Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

We traveled during (academic year) winter break for decades, so have often been far from home on New Year's Eve.

It's nice to be in the mountains of NC again this year, where walks along the French Broad River bring wonderful views.  We'll be traveling this year in mid-winter, which brings a different rhythm to our year.  When we get back, there may be early signs of spring...

Happy New Year!  Wishing for peace and good energy for all in the coming year, with much time outside in the natural world as well as embracing the company of friends and family.

I've written many posts over the years about holidays, most about Christmas and New Year's, but a sprinkling of others.  Facebook reminded me today of our trip to Argentina two years ago, with a wonderful photo (of me) in front of a Patagonia lake on the Ruta de Sieta Lagos, so maybe that's why I'm thinking a bit more about this.

A search for "holidays" on my blog brought up this collection of reflections.  It was interesting to read thoughts and remembrances from those previous times, all heart-felt, I realize.  A good way to begin a new year.

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