Thursday, December 1, 2016

Broomsedge field

Outside the kitchen windows, we can see beyond the ravine forest, to a field filled with broomsedge. Part of a foreclosed property scooped up by an investment company, now owned by Duke Energy (they were hoping to put a sub-station there), it's now simply a spot recovering from clearing (again).

This was part of an urban renewal site, cleared of houses in the mid-60's, I guess; it was still "empty" space when we bought our house here in 2008.  Then, there was talk of mixed-development housing from a company that had quietly bought up most of the small and large plots that had been cleared, and had big dreams, but wasn't able to come up with the federal matching grants and bank funding needed (that was in times of economic downturn), and finally the property was sold at auction for just over $1 million to the investment company.  Duke bought the entire 17 acre plus conglomeration for ~$5.5 million during late recession recovery.  This sounds like an extreme bargain in booming Asheville today.

We benefit from a lovely ravine forest close to downtown, at least for now, buffered by our property and slope requirements, but we keep a wary eye on the future.  What will happen to this space that's remained vacant for so long?  It's smack up to Highway 240, and future changes to I-26 and bridge, so not as desirable as it otherwise would be, close to downtown.

This morning, though, I enjoyed the view of the lovely field in the distance.

view from the far edge of the kitchen


  1. I hope it stays 'empty' of development for it surely isn't empty of wildlife who depend on it.


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