Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Blogging and posting (and the Garden Bloggers Fling)

I've been a devoted blogger since 2007 (edging now towards 1800 posts).  The medium suits me.  I like to write long paragraphs, craft sentences every once in awhile, and think about what I'd like to reflect on, and hopefully have a decent photograph, or two.

Reviewing just now a search on front raised beds brought so many great images and reflections that promoted memories, to print out ahead of a gathering at the house next week around four-season vegetable gardening.

My blog is a garden/nature journal, after all.  It's just for me, without any other purpose, I guess.

But it's brought great community with fellow garden bloggers (woo, hoo, and yay,  Garden Blogger Flings!)

Even though most of us (Fling bloggers) communicate now as friends on Facebook (that's my experience), I so value the connections and friendships that I've made through the Fling --

Hooray for blogging as a medium, even if it seems LONG-WINDED in a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook social media age.


  1. Lovely, Lisa! I'm so happy for the connections I've made through blogging, like meeting YOU! Now, my poor, neglected blog needs some attention--you've inspired me.

    1. Yay for blogging, but also for writing (about gardens or whatever).

  2. So very true, Lisa. And, without it, you and I would never have shared so many great meals. Cheers!

  3. I'm so glad we met at the Fling this year, Lisa. I hope we'll cross paths again, soon. I'm not sure I'll make it to next year's Fling, but I hope to be in Austin in 2018. Best wishes for your garden and for you, personally. :)


I enjoy hearing from fellow nature lovers and gardeners. Let me know your thoughts.

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