Friday, September 9, 2016

Inspiration at Monticello

Nothing NOT to like about a day spent at Monticello. 

I visited the vegetable garden in the company of former Director of Grounds Peter Hatch (in a morning session) and current head vegetable gardener Pat Brodowski (in the late afternoon session), with a walk through the flower gardens with its manager Debbie Donley and a tour of the house in mid-day.

It's remarkable to think about how truly experimental Thomas Jefferson was, as a gardener and horticulturist (not to mention all of his other contributions).

His record-keeping abilities are legendary.

A very brief visit to the visitor exhibits after lunch had me equally inspired; Jefferson believed in liberty, justice, and the merits of a well-educated population, as a means to a free society.

This was accompanied by very sophisticated multi-media interpretive visuals, complete with touch-screen vignettes. Very nice, and effective -- much of my career was spent (trying) to create interpretation that worked (not just that told you or wrote stuff that you read), so I appreciated that! 

It was well-done.

Back for another day tomorrow -- the public day of the Heritage Harvest Festival. I'll be bringing more water, as it's been HOT.  I'm a southern gardener, so I'm used to it, but geez, 93°F+ in September?


  1. I must get out there one of these years. I've always been fascinated by Jefferson's complex character and his many talents. Thanks for sharing some highlights from your trip!

  2. Beth, you'd love it! It's a wonderful place.


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