At Monticello

I'm in Charlottesville, ready for the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello tomorrow and Saturday.

I've signed up for workshops all day tomorrow, along with more on the public day on Saturday, so I'm psyched. 

A couple staying at my B&B had visited Monticello today -- and noticed the tents going up, etc. Oh, the festival is here, my fellow guests and I said, over an rather nice social hour promoted by our B&B (Dinsmore House). The wife of the couple mentioned above shared that she'd never seen melons growing before -- hooray, I thought.  Another person who might be actually thinking about where their foods come from!
A web photo, snatched from the ether, thanks to whomever took it!
Thomas Jefferson is a gardening icon, I think, at least in the vegetable gardening world of the Eastern U.S. 

He pushed the envelope in the 18th century, trying new vegetables and experimenting.

So I'm so excited to be visiting his restored vegetable and fruit gardens, again, in the company of experts, in the programs that I've signed up for.  He appreciated our native plants, too -- that should be an interesting program as well.

Jefferson loved vegetables, which I totally understand.

No, I don't want to eat green beans every day for weeks on end, but fresh green beans and eggplant from the garden (well, I'm happy to have left more for my hubby to eat with pasta and fresh tomato sauce while I'm away).


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