Sunday, September 11, 2016

More gardening inspiration at Monticello

The Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello was an amazing event--well-planned and nicely-executed.  It was an impressive array of tasting events (for the fresh fruits and veggies) from one of the major sponsors, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange-- I've been a fan of for years.

Lots of great speakers, the vendors and tasting events were amazing, and no, I'm not being paid for comments. I've had a great time, even as I'm looking forward to heading home tomorrow.

I had an absolutely great time during my two days, immersed in Jefferson's gardening as interpreted through past and present horticulturist , and then surrounded by the local food scene with the vendors, and then all of the programs. 

If I lived in Charlottesville, I'd be a passholder, for sure, just to visit the gardens frequently, as a MG volunteer said that she did.

A wonderful excursion, to be sure.

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