Spring green

The haze of green leaves has expanded rapidly, as record-high temperatures encourage rapid leaf expansion and growth.

In the cool, pre-storm light of mid-day, the forest in the back presented a contrast of fresh green, punctuated by purple wisteria.

The yellow sassafras flowers were striking.


  1. Beautiful. I love watching things this time of year. This spring, every morning brings so many new things into view. It's been an incredible time in my yard too.

    Looks like I need to find a sassafras soon. Gorgeous.

  2. We were over your way this weekend at the "country garden". The trees were just beginning to show green but by Monday, they had exploded.

    It kind of reminded me of what we used to call leaf day when we lived in Alaska. In the morning the trees would be bare and when you went to lunch, they would all be in full leaf!

  3. looks amazing... i love when you can garden around mature trees.


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