Iris cristata

Rodger's iris is blooming. It's a lovely native iris, Iris cristata (Crested Iris). It's small, and doesn't flower for long, but it forms delightful clumps in the understory of woods (and woodland borders).

Rodger gave me several clumps from his garden years ago, which I planted under the big red oak near the garage. We've moved some to the front of the stone pathway, too, now that the soil is developed enough.

It's a wonderful memory plant for us; Rodger was an extraordinary volunteer at the Garden (where I work), giving so much time to so many projects, from construction to plants.

He's no longer with us, but left a rich legacy, both in his work as a volunteer, a wonderful family, many things I don't know about, but also for all the plants he gave away.


  1. Lisa,
    Lovely photos of this iris. Is yours blooming already? Our forest is full of them growing native, just seeing the leaves in the past week.

  2. Randy,
    The flowers just popped up yesterday, so I imagine you'll be seeing some soon!

  3. What lovely flowers. I do not grow many irises, only the Louisiana irises, but maybe I need to try others. What a lovely memory of a wonderful person for you every time you see these. I have many plants in my garden from now gone friends and relatives, and I cherish every one.

    Always Growing

  4. What a beautiful native Iris. And what a beautiful memory for you!

  5. Lovely iris. I put some in under my pagoda dogwood last fall, but here in zone 5/6, they're just peeking little green leaves. Your pictures tell me what to look forward to.


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