Hawks and Chrysogonum virginianum

A early morning walk found us (a good friend and me) admiring Green and Gold (Chrysogonum virginianum) and the emerging green of the oak-hickory forest in the 'back' of the Garden.

It's a lovely forest, with Piedmont azaleas and sweet shrub in flower (not to mention the oaks and hickories, achoo!)

We heard one of the red-shouldered hawks calling in the forest and coming out towards the meadows, we saw a pair soaring high up, barely within reach of my camera lens.


  1. I love seeing the various raptors ---such fun to watch as they swoop and soar.

  2. Hawks are wonderful to watch...but my favorite is watching small birds chase one away from their nest! The Green and Gold is the best ever after all the fall rains! gail


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