Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rhododendrons are starting to flower

The Japanese azaleas and our native azaleas have been in flower (and some are past) for awhile, but the evergreen Rhododendrons are later. Ours are just starting to flower. In my part of the world, in the SE US, we have lovely native evergreen rhododendrons in the mountains, but the ones that do best here in the foothills and Piedmont have a bit of hybrid vigor, thanks to some Asian genes and happy crosses. But still, they're fussy about site; the ones that have flourished have light morning sun and are protected from harsh summer afternoons. Perfect drainage helps protect against Phytophora spp. (which cause root rot).

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  1. In my former life, I had two huge rhododendrons at the front of my house. One was the color you show here, and the other, a lavender. They are among my very favorites in any garden. Every year in early June, an agricultural research station near my home has a Rhododendron Sunday and the variety of color and bloom are mind-boggling. Here's a link with some thumbnails of some of the different rhodos they grow. http://tinyurl.com/4bs27s


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