Thursday, April 3, 2008

More rain

It's seeming pretty wet now, but I feel like any amount of rain now is drops in the bank, hedging against the heat and dry spells to come. The long-term projections have eased for the Southeast -- we're in the 'improving' category in the U.S. Drought Monitor charts, much better than the 'continuing drought' category, but we're certainly not out of the woods yet -- we're running a 3 inch deficit this year already, after a 20 inch deficit last year.

The impact on natural communities is hard to detect, but is evident none the less. We'll see weakened mature trees senesce, and less tolerant understory trees die too, after the stress of last summer's heat and drought.

Interestingly, some plants are remarkably abundant this spring. Both color forms of Viola sororia are everywhere -- in lawns, along roadsides, in ditches, etc. - providing a lovely blue haze from a distance. I don't mind them; they're attractive and a nice reminder of spring.


  1. I've been hoping for a good drenching rain here sometime soon. Ever since the snow left it's been very dry. We had a few snowflakes early in the morning, but nothing substantial enough to make a difference.

  2. Hope you get some rain -- we're spoiled here in the eastern part of the continent with our 'normal' rainfall. Those of you in the west (not along the coast), and in the rain shadow of the mountains, certainly have more water challenges than we normally think about.


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