Sunday, April 6, 2008

A spring afternoon

With water and warmth, leaves are expanding rapidly and flowers are opening.

All of the potato sprouts are up, the coral honeysuckle at the kitchen door is loaded with flowers (still waiting for hummingbirds), and honeybees, bumblebees, and carpenter bees are avidly visiting the redbuds in full bloom.

The columbines (Aquilegia canadense) that have self-seeded around the house are just coming into flower.

I saw a monarch this afternoon -- I was surprised to see one. They're coming north, but I didn't see any last spring, even though we're on the eastern 'flyway'.


  1. Such lovely photos. No flowers here yet, and no sign of the bees. I had a peek at my crocus today and there still isn't a single flower bud! All the growing things seem to be in a state of suspended animation this week. I suspect the nights are still too cold.

  2. Hmm, our crocuses are long gone, and all the hardwoods are leafing out. But, here, summer's hot weather is just lurking around the corner. That's the flip side of having a long growing season. Our rough season is in July and August, with sometimes dreadful heat and humidity.

    But, I hope those crocus flower buds appear soon.


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