Friday, April 18, 2008

Just about time to start planting warm season veggies

It looks like our nighttime temperatures will be in the upper 40°s F to the lower 50°s (8 - 11 °C) for the next week or so, so I up-potted the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant that had been living in the mudroom into larger pots, getting them ready to transfer into the garden. I didn't grow anything from seeds this year for transplant, so I'm relying on growing what I can find. I've had good success with mail-order seedlings for more interesting things; excellent nurseries pack them up nicely and plants are resilient. Poblano peppers and tomatillos are plants that you'd think would be interesting to gardeners in a warm summer climate like ours, but are rarely available locally.

I made a sowing of summer mix lettuce in a flat yesterday evening, and admired the 'wild garden mix' growing in part of a block of the main vegetable garden -- the speckled lettuce is always lovely.

The tulips were lovely, too, just before the warmer weather hit. They don't 'work for a living' -but they get special dispensation for delighting the gardener.

The grocery store Liatris corms have sprouted nicely (I felt like I was rescuing them when I bought them).

And the Ajuga, Veronica, and sage (along with the annual Violas) make a nice container planting.

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