Saturday, April 5, 2008

Even more rain

We had an inch and a quarter of rain today, according to the new rain gauge, excellent for catch up and soaking into the soil. I was on an excursion to mid-state South Carolina for a program, and was surprised to learn that they not only weren't still in deficit, but had a surplus of rainfall so far this year. Geez, and I was just cheered up that our drought projection is now strongly in the improved category. But rain is spotty, and regional, and the downpour here is nothing down the road.

Tomorrow is projected as sunny and mild -- perfect gardening weather. There are lots more winter annuals to pull up. They're survivors, for sure. Somehow their seeds can germinate in deep mulch (doesn't matter if it's leaves, hardwood, or pine bark) and their vegetative abundance coats the surface of the soil. In a 'previous life', I studied weed ecology as a researcher -- the take home message is that weedy plants have reproductive strategies that can take advantage of ANY disturbance, and are quick to do so.

I still have some low-growing thymes to plant in the crevices of the front pathway, as well as some knocking back of lawn weeds. My gardening companion is away visiting family, so Mocha and I are on our own this weekend.

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  1. We got alot of rain down here as well. It rained hard, but only for about an hour. It was enough to water all of the outdoor plants though.
    Greg II


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