A gray tree frog

We had an unexpected visitor in our garden office building this afternoon, a gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor).  I'd seen anoles inside before, but not a tree frog.  But my new office colleague (a keen naturalist) spotted it in the stairwell, and we took a look.  Gray tree frogs vary in color, depending on their surroundings, temperature, and humidity;  this one was a solid dried-leaf gray.

I was surprised to see a frog still out and about, maybe seeking warmth?  But, doing a bit of research, I learned that gray tree frogs survive the winter by hibernating 'on land' - under leaf litter, rocks, and logs; their bodies 'freeze' but are protected from damage by high glycerol levels in their tissues.



  1. I worked in a produce department years ago--we once found a tree frog in an ice-packed box of kale that was shipped from California! He perked right back up and went to live with a herpetologist friend for a while.


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