The first frost

We had a solid frost last night. The temperature went down to 30°F, with enough moisture in the air and combined with a still wind, the conditions were ideal to produce a heavy frost.

The mustard greens, purple mustard, arugula, etc. were frozen early, but by late morning were fine (I'd harvested all of the large leaves yesterday, just in case).

The lone fall tomato plants wilted with frost, of course, but the young green tomatoes became sauce for a vegetable lasagna that I'm planning to make tomorrow.

It was a good day in the vegetable garden.  I finished planting garlic cloves and prepared two beds with extra compost in the satellite garden for potatoes and onions. for spring.  The added mushroom compost and composted manure will enrich the soil over winter, so those beds will be perfect for planting.


  1. Sorry about your frost! We missed it, was expected but no noticeable damage here. We over wintered mustard last year you should be able also.

  2. We had a light frost last night. Under my tree canopy there was no frost, but in the open it was crunchy. My basil on the deck is history but everything else is still good.

  3. It's fascinating to see the range of susceptibility to frost.

    Even though the cilantro, arugula, and purple mustard were 'frozen' early, they recovered just fine. If they'd been solidly frozen for some time, though, they're a lot less hardy than kale, collards, and pansies!

  4. I'm still going to try harvesting more lemon grass and pluck the rest of the greens. It is warming up this week, so maybe that will salvage it.

    Where did you plant your garlic? I have some from Sow True in Asheville but don't know if I want to use up space in my beds for it, or if I can plant it along the fence. I feel pretty indecisive.

    I didn't know I should be putting the compost in NOW. Thanks for that!

  5. We had two nights of frost~But, my garden has little nooks and crannies where nothing gets frosted until the big one shows up! gail


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