Preparing vegetable beds for spring

I've amended all of the soil in my satellite garden beds now.  Garlic is planted in a couple of them, but the rest are devoted to getting ready for spring.  The asparagus is flourishing, hooray, (not shown in this image), so I'm hopeful those beds are fine, especially after the mulching of compost that they received.

I half-heartedly transplanted kale and mustard greens in one of the beds (the one on the far left) last weekend, but the resident woodchuck (not yet in semi-hibernation) crept up and made short work of them.  Hhrmph. 

If it's not the herbivorous squirrels (who knew), the major herbivores (big-time) are woodchucks. 

OK, I AM a wildlife gardener, but this is getting tiresome. 

I came across a 'gardening tip' today that vanilla extract (the real thing) sprinkled on lettuce leaves was a woodchuck magnet (that's according to Sharon Lovejoy, in Trowel and Error) -- it may be worth trying in my Havahart trap!


  1. Maybe vanilla will help with the deer as well.....though I don't have a Havaheart trap....just would like to lure them away.

  2. Looks great. I had mice that devoured my sweet potatoes I had curing in the garage, so I hear your frustration! Some of them looked like little sweet potato hammocks the way they ate them.

    I still need to plant my garlic! Eek.

  3. I have trouble with those fat furry groundhog fellows too--they ate my borage, my fennel, Jerusalem artichokes, chicory, and are always munching on the violets, which I don't mind as there are plenty, but they are the reason I can't have a vegetable garden, and I refuse to shoot them even though I am sorely tempted sometimes. However, I found that they don't like black pepper. Dusted on and around plants I don't want them to eat seems to keep them out of those places in the garden! I buy it by the big pound cans and scatter it around every couple of weeks.


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