Labels and categories

Geez, I'm thinking I need to go back through my posts to focus their categories and labels, so if one of you is interested in something (I've) written on a topic, it's easy to find correlated posts, if you have time to read them.  Happily, Google's search capabilities within blogs are good (I use it all the time to find connections on mine), but I was admiring the nice category clouds and lists on other blogs. 

I'd like to create a reasonable (small) category list, but obviously my personally generated labels (by Google standards) are all over.  Hmm.  Going back and sorting though posts and adding more 
general labels for posts seems necessary to do so, though.  Yikes, that could take awhile.


  1. I have thought about doing the same. Some of my labels were too specific, so I could go through and redo ALL of them to make things better.


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