Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkins and gourds

I've spent more time lately in other people's gardens than my own, it seems to me (that includes my workplace garden, but not necessarily being IN the garden).  Normally, there's plenty to record and remember, but if I haven't been out there much, there isn't much to write about, alas.

But I'm reminded, being in the mountains for a long Fall Break weekend, that this is Halloween weekend, too  -- not a holiday that we particularly celebrate now, but that we remember enjoying as kids.

Gourds, winter squashes, and pumpkins of all sorts are a wonderful reflection of the harvest time that it is.  And the farmer's markets here are full of delicious varieties, including the sugar pumpkins that I nabbed, and stuck out on the front porch.

I even bought some candy, in case we have some young visitors tomorrow evening  (we're in a much more compact family-friendly sort of street in Asheville than in Clemson, SC).  But, my gardening companion will enjoy any 'leftovers' --so we're set.

I was reminded of this delightful squash vignette from the Dallas Arboretum that I saw in September.

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