Monday, October 18, 2010

Blue Ridge Parkway views

Fall color in the North Carolina mountains is becoming apparent.  At mid-elevations along the Blue Ridge Parkway, the color is spectacular.  Higher up, it's still early; lower down, drought stress may diminish the usual clear yellows, defaulting to brown.

Hemlocks are gray ghosts, felled by woolly adelgids
But yesterday, it was spectacular north of Devil's Courthouse and Graveyard Fields.


  1. I am enjoying the fall colors. We went up to Greer on Saturday and the views of the mountains with the fall colors was really great.

  2. Lisa,

    Looking forward to the leaves changing. We live 4 hours from the NC mtns but doubt we can get out there this year for the leaves.

  3. We are traveling to Asheville from TN this weekend, I was hoping there would be some color. Looks like there will be for sure! Thanks for these beautiful shots.
    ps, please allow non-blogger blogs to leave comments as open ID. :-)

  4. The fall colors WERE wonderful along the Parkway.

    And I hope everyone gets to enjoy them wherever they are in the Eastern US.

    Frances, I think I've enabled open ID comments -- I hadn't realized that that wasn't an option, thanks for mentioning it.



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