Swiss chard and green tomatoes

I harvested most of the tomatoes in the mountains today, both big and small.  The weather for tomorrow is a low in the high 30's, and a high in the 60's (°F), so  tomato ripening is not in the forecast.  I cleaned up the spent plants, sowed some collard, mesclun, and kale seeds, thinking optimistically, and about bed protections (row covers), and started work preserving the harvest.  I roasted about half of the green tomatoes (large and small),  froze them, but also put bags of fresh green cherry tomatoes directly in freezer bags, too.

I'm still left with a (quite) large container full of green tomatoes along with a biggish one full of green cherry tomatoes, in addition a number of half-ripe large tomatoes, and a bowlful of red cherry tomatoes.

Swiss chard and green cherry tomatoes
We had chard tonight, fresh from the garden, along with wahoo from the NC coast.  A lovely dinner.  There wasn't a reason to buy greens at the farmer's market this morning; it basically was an enjoyable stroll, picking up some winter squash and fresh eggs. Both are delicious.


  1. A lovely vignette~vegetables, in the sink with a view into the garden. gail

  2. Mmm, lovely photo of the toms and chard. I'm probably going to plant some Swiss chard this fall. I can't believe how fast fall is approaching! It was in the 30s here today. Too early!

  3. Swiss chard is so easy to grow at and so lovely to look at -especially when the green and ruby forms are planted.
    And tasty too!


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