Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall equinox

I'm doing a Harvest Moon walk tomorrow evening, which should be nice.  And, it's always good to celebrate the first day of fall.

It's warm enough still (too warm, actually) that the nocturnal symphony (crickets, cicadas, tree frogs, and their ilk)  is still in full swing, although muted by droughty weather.

And, we need rain.  Planting (of shrubs, perennials or fall vegetables) requires lots of watering to properly get a planting place ready.  Even in the mountains, I've had to frequently drench my raised beds to keep up moisture levels.


  1. Hi Lisa, I have been amazed at how bright the moon has been for the last couple nights, thought I left the back lights on one night.
    I will be at the plant sale on Friday afternoon with one of the MG's (she is my mentor for this MG class) -- hope to see you.

  2. It is way too hot for September~I haven't wanted to add anything to the garden. have fun on the walk~gail

  3. A Harvest Moon walk sounds so fun... great idea that I think I'll do. Our temps are still quite warm. My gardens are still dancin' in the Summer sun... but it could all change rather quickly here.


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