Friday, September 17, 2010


Moon flower vine on power pole
I planted morning glory and moonflower seeds at the base of our power and telephone poles and lines in the mountains.

They've flourished, to no surprise, and the morning glories have been lovely.

But the moonflowers have just started blooming in the last weeks, attracting night-flying sphinx moths and other night-flyers.


  1. Lisa,
    Just love moonvines, this one has done great!

  2. I think this is a nice alternative to English Ivy...which is so invasive. You get the same look, with the extra addition of some blooms, without destroying or suffocating other plants and trees in the process. It's an annual, like morningglory, right? I haven't ever grown it but could see it easily climbing trees around here! Is it easy to pull down when it's finished blooming? I am growing some morning glories, from seed--and they have only recently begun to bloom. First time I've added them to my garden.


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